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Check out the features of tennis and tennis score

Live tennis score
Among the other popular sports tennis is one of the oldest sports in the world. People love to watch the game of for its amazing pattern and techniques. You will feel excited and cannot move anywhere until the game is over. The players who try their luck in this field have become legends and stars.  You will be able to learn the game within a day but it will take a lifetime to become master on this game. The tennis players, who are interested to play better and want to improve their skills, should devote their maximum time in practice. So in order to improve your tennis score you have to practice for hours.

History of the game
The game was first introduced in France in 12th century. It is a game of royalty and was played on indoor courts. In England the game has been known as ‘lawn tennis’ and has played on the grass surface. So basically tennis gets a modern look from England. The game gains a massive popularity especially in Victorian era.

Importance of the game:
In U.S and U.K and also in some areas of Europe tennis remains as a significant and important nationalistic game. Along with the two other sports like cricket and golf, tennis is also admired as one of the sophisticated sports. The players of the sports are able to enjoy the luxury of wealth, sponsorship and also a big position in the spotlight. A player has to be focussed with their goal and improve their skill in order to improve their tennis score.

live score
Tennis score
Important features of the game:
The tennis players use rackets in order to play the game. The rackets or the racquets are generally made of wood but slowly it has also evolved into some modern models by applying the titanium alloy and also fibreglass. In order to play the game properly one must requires some other things such as a court and also a neon-yellow ball.  The court must be of turf or grass or clay. There are lines marked on the court in order to indicate whether the ball is out or not. Sometimes the lines are painted with chalks.

More about the game:
The techniques of the sports are really very simple and one can easily learn all these techniques. Normally the game has been played in doubles or singles and in both cases a player has to take the ball out and throw it over the net into the other part of the court by applying his racket. The other person of the other court tries to hit it back. If anyone of them fails to hit the ball will lose points and the other player will win the game. Tennis score is different than the score of the other games. It is consist of thirty, forty, fifteen or love which means zero. It does not calculate on the basis of one, two or three points.  In order to win a set the player has to win at least six games or two more games than the other player.

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